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Five Simple Tips to Love Yourself

In this episode of Life’s Lemons, we find that Teresa is feeling down and out because she just broke up with her boyfriend, leaving her confused and convinced that something is wrong with her. We can all relate to these feelings of heartbreak and loss, but did you know there is a way to overcome this sadness and start to heal?  And it’s something simple that you’ve probably heard your entire life? The secret is: before you can love someone else, you have to first love yourself.  Learning to love yourself, and proactively use five easy self-love tools will not only help you achieve stronger, healthier, loving relationships, it will also help you face your own life with kindness, happiness, gratitude, and yes—love. Learn more about these five self-love tips in Episode 3 of Life’s Lemons, and give yourself the love you deserve today!

Renee Lederman