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Edit Your Story & Create a Happy Ending

Sometimes it’s easy to think that no matter what you do, nothing goes right.  But have you noticed that when you start thinking nothing will go right…life tends to follow your lead? That’s why in this episode of Life’s Lemons, we are discussing how to create a different outlook towards negative feelings or experiences.  Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed or sad, you have the power to edit your story by journaling your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. But don’t just write mindlessly—think about what is affecting you or causing your pain, and then about how you can start looking at the situation from a different perspective or angle.  Teresa, for instance, starts viewing her break-up with her boyfriend not as just a sad story of heartbreak (which it is) but instead, as a story of a woman who has accepted the break-up and is free to move on with her life. You can’t change the past, but by being thoughtful about your feelings and really taking the time to work through them productively and positively, you can change how you view the future—and that all starts with editing your own story.  

Renee Lederman