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3 Reasons A Licensed Professional Counselor Can Help You Kick-Off The New Year Right.


With the start of a new year, many of us are turning our thoughts from holidays and celebrating to detoxing and rejuvenating, which makes now the perfect time to look forward, and plan for the changes you’d like to make in your life.  Sometimes, however, facing these changes can seem overwhelming or impossible, especially when the things you want to change may involve your relationship, your marriage, your job, or even your own habits.

With the help of a licensed professional counselor (LPC), together we can tackle challenges both big and small, and explore what’s blocking you from your best life so you can heal from past pain and move forward in the New Year with confidence and courage.

Here, three ways professional counseling and therapy can help improve your life:

  • A professional counselor is an objective listener. Is something wrong in your relationship? Have you been betrayed or hurt? Do you suffer from an addiction and would like to break free? Friends and loved ones can help, but their viewpoint may not be so objective. A licensed, professional counselor is trained to help you explore your situation, understand its impact, and move forward with a plan, objectively.
  • A professional counselor is trained. Change is hard, which is why working with someone trained to deal with change is the best way to help ensure the changes you do make, last. From Somatic Experiencing® to group therapy to The Daring Way workshops, I am clinically trained to help you explore the habits and patterns you wish to change, and then establish real solutions that let you progress and achieve your goals.
  • A professional counselor is 100% focused on you.  I have over twenty years of experience helping my clients have better relationships, overcome obstacles, unlearn negative habits, regain trust after betrayal, and learn to live with resilience.  My role is to provide trusted guidance and motivation to help you see the change you want in your life.

Professional counseling provides you with the tools you need to create the vibrant, exciting, engaged life you seek. We all have those moments when life seems like nothing but a big bag of lemons, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.   Let me help you learn how to recognize your own intrinsic strengths and see that you already have what it takes to succeed—you just need the right tools to get there. Together, we can build the life that’s waiting for you, and overcome the obstacles that slow us all down.

Get in touchtoday for a complimentary 30-minute consultation and discover how counseling with a licensed professional counselor can help you make a fresh start this New Year, and all year long.

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