It’s Time To Thrive With Group Life Coaching!

Person Standing With Arms Wide On A cliff Above The Ocean Symbolizing Personal Growth From Group Therapy

Are you ready to step out of judgment and into your truth?

What better way to start your year than with a new outlook?

In the Time to Thrive group coaching program, you’ll have the opportunity to own your story, take accountability, and ignite a sense of gratitude, mindfulness, and self-love—components essential to creating a champion mindset.

Every other week, this determined group will have an hour-long meeting with new topics presented each group coaching session. 

In this Group Therapy Q & A format, you’ll have the space to:

  • Feel uplifted in a supportive tribe.
  • Find the beauty in all of life’s circumstances.
  • Free yourself from limitation.
  • Release ego without fear or judgment.
  • Take accountability so you can prosper.
  • Uncover the power of “I Am.”
  • Create boundaries that allow you to nurture yourself, first.
  • Give yourself permission to rise and be great.
  • Forgive and find peace.
  • Harness gratitude and all it encompasses.  
  • Rise.

Therapy In Houston With An Experienced, Professional Group Therapist

With more than 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families, I want to bring my expertise to you in a new format.

I understand personal sessions are not accessible for all. And in these ongoing group coaching sessions, you’ll have access to coaching for only $39.95/month! That’s an unbeatable opportunity to take control of your life and your success.

You’ll be a member of our online community and receive many benefits including:

  • A 60 minute group coaching call every two weeks including a Q&A portion for individualized help
  • A customized worksheet for each group coaching call to support your individual growth
  • Call recordings and summaries the next day
  • A tribe community with a chat room and a growing resource library
  • Map to turn learning into action
  • Worksheets to help you learn how to flourish in life’s arenas

Get started on your journey today. Sign up below to join the movement. It’s your time to thrive.  

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