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One Session Can Help. Is Your Marriage Worth It?

Hi, I'm Renee Lederman, a marriage counselor here in Houston specializing in bringing couples back to where they used to be. My methods of one on one therapy, couples therapy, and marriage counseling has been effective in instilling the foundations of a healthy, happy relationship.

Infidelity, feeling disconnected, or simply becoming lost in one's roles are issues I tackle; finding the root of the problem and helping couples begin a new chapter in their life.

It's not too late. I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation and would love to hear from you. Your marriage is worth it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Online Coaching work?

As a coach I won’t tell you what to do; I help you become clearer and more in control your life. I help you evaluate what you are doing now in your life in the light of your goals, dreams, values, and intentions. My aim through the CoreBound Online Community is to give you new choices and help you implement these into your life.

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When should we go to couples therapy?

When you are experiencing a crisis in your relationship, or you are arguing about the same issues over and over without a resolution, you should consider counseling. If you have lost trust in your partner due to betrayal and you can’t navigate your way back to a healthy relationship.

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What is your approach to healing trauma?

I offer holistic trauma-informed care that seeks to foster your embodied healing, growth and self-expression from the inside out-mind, body, spirit and relationships. You are not crazy.

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