Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help revive a relationship that is in trouble. No matter how bad it seems it’s important to remember that marriages and relationships go through numerous phases during its life cycle, and it is normal for relationships to have a few rough patches. As a licensed professional counselor, I offer professional and effective couples therapy in the Houston Texas area.

The strength of a relationship is reflected in how couples deal with rough patches and move ahead. New lifestyles and the complex challenges of modern day life have changed the pattern of thinking people have in respect to relationships. This has turned the statistics for divorce and marriage upside down. While divorce and separation is necessary in some cases   separation may have to be considered, even if only on a temporary basis. In these challenging circumstances, couples and families can benefit greatly from marriage and family counseling.

I believe that love should be given a chance, and that there are relationships that can be saved, if only each person in the relationship will commit to take that first step and make a last ditch effort to save their relationship. And, this is where the couples therapy comes in. My approach towards couples therapy is oriented not only towards solving the problems the couple is facing with each other, but to revive the feeling of love, affection and joy they have towards each other.

Family Of Origin Relationship Counseling

Family of origin can play a big role in relationship issues. It’s important to understand about your family of origin and how experiences from your childhood can affect your current life. One bad experience or trauma can remain with us over the years. Learning how to heal and move past a trauma through therapy sessions can make a huge difference. Read my blog post on Family Of Origin Issues. You will learn how breaking free from patterns of the past can help improve your mental health and relationships.

Renee’s Lederman’s Marriage, Family & Couples Counseling Services Include:

Renee’s Lederman’s Relationship Help And Couples Therapy Exercises Include:

  • Learning how to gain control of love addiction
  • Learning How To Find Hope After infidelity
  • Learning How To Cultivate Healthy Attachments
  • Learning How Move Past Trauma
  • Creating Financial Trust In Your Relationship

Couples Counseling Houston

If you are looking for couples counseling in Houston that will provide you with the tools and advice to save your relationship contact Renee Ledermann, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Houston Texas.

Couple Hugging After Attending Couples Therapy Session In Houston

Broken Heart On Two Puzzle Pieces Separated To Represent Relationship Problems