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Breaking Free From Patterns Of The Past

FAMILY OF ORIGIN – Our Family Of Origin Plays A Huge Role In How We Turn Out As Adults.

There’s an old saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in many ways, this observation is true.  Our family of origin plays a huge role in how we turn out as adults. Take physical traits, for example.  Mom has dark hair and brown eyes; daughter will often have dark hair and brown eyes.  But when it comes to the way you interact with and relate to others, the emotional patterns set in place during childhood by your parents or other caregivers doesn’t  have to be the patterns you choose as an adult with your own family or relationships, particularly if they were painful, abusive, unresponsive, detached, judgmental, abusive, etc.

Often times (and maybe even unbeknownst to you as the child) your parents may have been facing many of their own unresolved internal demons or struggles.  And these issues may have limited their ability to deliver the kind of nurturing children need to help them develop emotionally, such as physical touch, stability, and consistency.  Now as an adult, you may find it’s a struggle to connect emotionally with other people; to build intimacy; to form healthy, loving relationships; to take a loving view of yourself; or even to interact socially, which can leave you feeling isolated, unworthy of love, or dissociated from yourself, anxious, and depressed.   But your family of origin doesn’t have to be the garden where you sow your own seeds and escaping your past is possible. Together, we can help you learn to recognize your patterns and give yourself permission to thrive beyond those modeled to you as a child. Using a variety of techniques, I can help you overcome your past and move forward with a fresh, healthy perspective—free from the painful roots of yesterday.

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